About IDVerification.net

Welcome to IDVerification.net! Since 1999 we have been growing our business in establishing South Africa's largest online resource for tracing agents and agencies. We offer our clients with access to more than a billion records shared within our community as well as access to the most cost-effective tracing resource in the country!

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Email: info@idverification.net
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    Cost-Effective Tracing Solutions
    Award Yourself Financial Freedom!
    We offer our clients unlimited access to data
    at a fixed competitive monthly rate. No strings attached!
    We offer the most cost-effective service in South Africa.
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    Reliable Tracing Services
    Trace Any Day, Any Time, from Anywhere!
    Use our services whether you are at home, at
    work or on the move - access your account from.
    a number of supported devices!
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    Comprehensive Data Results
    Access South Africa's Largest Tracing Network!
    Whether you identify the location of a debtor on our system or not,
    you will find suffient data to expand your search. We offer clients
    access to more than 1 billion records shared on our network!
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Debtor Tracing

Join South Africa's largest network of tracing agents and agencies and improve your chances of tracing debtors successfully! Gain access to the largest Data network.

Identity Verification

Prevent fraud by making use of our identity verification services. Be sure that you know your customer or the person you are dealing with.

Member Tools & Services

We offer free access to our online member tools system. Manage your notes, add alerts, subscribe to ID Number Updates and much more.


While growing SA's largest tracing network, we take care of some things you do not need to!

Database Design

We take care of database design, development and optimization, offering an easy-to-use data sharing platform.

Community Platform

We constantly grow, better and expand our community platform where members can communicate or share information easilly.


We take care of all user statistics and offer an easy-to-use platform where clients can view comprehinsive usage statistics.